Design and Evaluation of a TOEFL® CBT Tutorial

Jamieson, Joan; Taylor, Carol; Kirsch, Irwin; Eignor, Daniel
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Computer-assisted testing computer literacy computer uses in education English as a second language tutorial programs


In order to train examinees whose native language is not English to take a computerized TOEFL® test (Test of English as a Foreign Language™), a special set of tutorials was designed and developed. The TOEFL tutorials were field tested as a part of a computer familiarity study in 1996. This report describes the development of the tutorials. Also, the experiences of the 1,169 individuals who participated in the computer familiarity study are characterized in terms of timing and performance data, as well as self-reported attitudes. These analyses took into account computer familiarity and English ability, which both proved to be important in explaining some differences in time to complete the tutorials and perception of the tutorials' usefulness. Most examinees were successful and completing the practice items in the tutorials and thought that the tutorials were helpful. Some changes were subsequently made before operational implementation of the computerized TOEFL test in order to reduce the time needed to complete the TOEFL tutorials.


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