Reading for Understanding — Publications

These are some recent publications that ETS and our collaborators have authored related to the assessment portion of the Reading for Understanding (RfU) initiative.


  • Rationale for a New Generation of Reading Comprehension Assessments
    J. Sabatini & T. O'Reilly (2013)
    B. Miller, L. Cutting, & P. McCardle (Eds)
    Unraveling Reading Comprehension: Behavioral, Neurobiological, and Genetic Components pp. 100–111. Publisher: Brookes Publishing

    This paper presents the first part of the RfU assessment framework. The paper provided the rationale for a new generation of reading assessments and described six principles for assessment design.




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ETS Research Forum: John Sabatini & Tenaha O'Reilly

ETS Research Forum: John Sabatini & Tenaha O'Reilly Video

Watch a presentation from ETS's R&D Forum about the Reading for Understanding initiative (Flash, 50:51).