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The GRE revised General TesteUPDATE

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In this month's Top Story, we'll look at the benefits your candidates can expect with the launch of the GRE® revised General Test and the importance of encouraging them to plan early. They'll need to be aware of admissions deadlines in order to determine which test they should take, and learn what they can do now to start preparing for the revised test.

And, in the Spotlight this month, you'll find information on the rapidly growing use of GRE scores for MBA admissions, how GRE data may be used in business school rankings in the future and why there has never been a better time to be a GRE score user.


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Talking to Test Takers:
Educating Your Candidates About What the
GRE revised General Test Will Mean to Them

In this month's Top Story, we're focusing on how the GRE revised General Test will enhance the test-taking experience when it launches on August 1, 2011.

Earlier this month, we launched a new section on ets.org/gre aimed at informing test takers about the exciting changes to the GRE® General Test, including important score report timing and a limited-time 50% savings offer.

It's important for the graduate community to be aware of this information as well, as it will help you to deliver informed, accurate and relevant answers to your potential candidates.

You can download our Top Story by clicking on the link below. As always, if you have questions, please contact our Helpline at GREhelpline@ets.org.



The GRE General Test:
A Good Business Decision

Our new video explores a rapidly growing trend among business schools — using the GRE General Test for MBA admissions.

One reason for this change in admissions policy may be attributed to the fact that more people take the GRE General Test than any other graduate admissions test — more than 600,000 every year, from about 230 countries. Those figures offer business schools a much broader and more diverse applicant pool to choose from, ultimately enriching the experience of everyone enrolled in their MBA programs.

Watch the video now

In an article for US News & World Report, publishers of America's Best Business School rankings, Brian Burnsed reports: "More than 300 business schools now accept the GRE General Test and more may follow suit in coming years."

Perhaps inspired by this trend, US News & World Report announced on Bob Morse's Morse Code blog that they would begin collecting GRE data when surveying schools for their 2012 Business School Rankings Guide.

What began with just a few schools is now becoming an almost-standard option. In fact, 27% of US News & World Report's Best Business Schools now use GRE scores as part of their admissions process. We expect this trend to continue because when the GRE revised General Test begins on August 1, 2011, it will be even more closely aligned to the skills needed to succeed in business school.

Read the blog annoucement and article now


Free test prep materials for the GRE revised General Test will be available on the GRE website in July 2010 to give test takers ample preparation time.

Later this year, you'll also have access to The Information Kit for Advisors and Students — a resource developed by ETS to help advisors and test takers quickly comprehend the changes to the GRE revised General Test. This will also be available for download on the GRE website.


We offer two additional resources for information on the GRE revised General Test, launching on August 1, 2011.

Our Information Center contains helpful tools, tips and guidelines that will help prepare you and your students.
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We also have a Helpline where you can send in your questions about the GRE revised General Test, launching on August 1, 2011.


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