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Dear Colleague,

Happy 2011! We hope you enjoyed the holidays, and have returned feeling relaxed and ready for the New Year.

The launch of the GRE® revised General Test is now closer than ever. In fact, registration for the revised test opens on March 15th. We'll continue to bring you information that will help you, your colleagues and prospective applicants get ready.

In this month's issue of eUPDATE, you'll find details about our latest video, "Understanding the New Score Scale," plus get an update on opportunities to have your questions answered by members of the GRE Program Team during the live Q&A portion of our upcoming webinars, or at one of the many conferences we'll be attending in 2011.

We'll also tell you about our all-new and recently expanded TakeTheGRE.com website – plus our new Facebook page, developed to help students from all over the world learn about the GRE revised General Test.


The GRE revised General Test Team


Introducing a Video to Help You Understand the New Score Scale

In December, we debuted our new video, "Understanding the New Score Scale," at the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) Annual Meeting, and attendees commented on the value of the information presented. The video features David Payne of ETS, along with GRE psychometricians and members of the GRE Board, providing details about the new score scale that will be introduced with the GRE revised General Test.

Watch the video to learn about the changes to the Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning score scale of the GRE revised General Test, why the changes were made and what benefits the new scale will offer admissions officers and other decision makers. The video also highlights the new score report, so you will know what to expect when your institution begins receiving the new reports in mid-November.

Remember, you can always view this video, and those on other topics of interest, by visiting our Information Center. Follow the link and scroll down to "Videos."

New Webinars for 2011

In January, we held our first "Getting Ready for the GRE revised General Test" webinar. It was a huge success and participants asked some great questions during the live Q&A session that followed the webcast.

Given the positive response to this webinar, we'll be holding it again several times in 2011. If you missed it, make sure you reserve your place at one of the upcoming events – as space is limited.

The webinar covers:

  • The new test content and question types
  • The new, test-taker friendly design
  • The new score scale and score report
  • Important timing considerations test takers need to be aware of
  • What score users and test takers need to do to prepare

View future dates and reserve your spot now.

If you'll be unable to attend one of these webinars, you can access the webcast on our website.


Meeting the GRE Client Relations Team

The GRE Client Relations Team is continuing its outreach schedule in 2011, taking part in many upcoming conferences in both the graduate and business school communities. This provides the opportunity for you to speak directly with a GRE representative and get answers to any questions you might have about the GRE revised General Test.

Here are just some of the places we'll be in February:

  • Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) Deans Conference – Feb 9, 2011 to Feb 11, 2011 in Phoenix, AZ
  • Association of International Education Administrators (AIEA) Annual Conference – Feb 20, 2011 to Feb 23, 2011 in San Francisco, CA
  • Council of Historically Black Graduate Schools (CHBGS) 41st Annual Meeting – Feb 23, 2011 to Feb 24, 2011 in Huntsville, AL
  • Conference of Southern Graduate Schools Regional Affiliates (CSGS) 40th Annual Meeting – Feb 24, 2011 to Feb 27, 2011 in Huntsville, AL

The GRE Client Relations Team will be attending many more events in the coming months, and more dates will be added to the schedule throughout the year. Visit us online for the current list of upcoming conferences at which GRE representatives will be participating.


All-New! Take a Look at TakeTheGRE.com!

We recently redesigned our popular TakeTheGRE.com website, introducing a brand new look and a wealth of new information and resources for test takers.

Developed for candidates considering graduate school or business school, TakeTheGRE.com provides information about both the current GRE General Test and the GRE revised General Test – including important timing information to help students decide which test to take, plus information on FREE official test preparation materials for both tests.

In addition, potential applicants can sign up for email reminders and alerts about the important dates and timing they need to keep in mind.

Be sure to check out TakeTheGRE.com, and let your potential applicants know about all the exciting resources available there.

GRE revised General Test on Facebook

In addition to TakeTheGRE.com, the GRE Tests now has a presence on Facebook too – our page: I'm Taking the GRE revised General Test.

There, test takers will be able to find out what to expect with the launch of the GRE revised General Test, read tips and advice on preparing for test day and keep up to date with important dates and timing.

Tell your students and potential applicants to find us on Facebook now at I'm Taking the GRE revised General Test.


We offer additional resources for information on the GRE revised General Test, launching on August 1, 2011.

See our Information
for helpful tools,
tips and guidelines that will help prepare you and your students.
Go to the Information
Center now >

Plus, we have a Helpline where you can send in your questions about the GRE revised General Test.


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