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On-screen: ETS® TOEFL®

Devin: Hi, I’m Devin. ETS, the maker of the TOEFL test, wants to help you successfully study abroad. This video will show you many of the tools ETS provides to help you plan, learn, register and practice for the TOEFL Test.


Devin: You can find these resources and more at the website for TOEFL test takers,  Let’s get going.

On-screen: Plan

Devin: Before you begin your study-abroad journey, it’s important to plan ahead. These free TOEFL resources can help you plan where you want to go and how to get there.

On-screen: TOEFL Journey™ Program

Devin: The TOEFL Journey Program is your free guide through the test-taking experience, from learning about living in a new country to student visa requirements to understanding your TOEFL scores.

To get started with the TOEFL Journey Program, click the "Join" link at the top of the TOEFL Go Anywhere home page, or visit the TOEFL Journey section on the site.

When you sign up, the program asks questions about you and your plans to study abroad to find out whether you are just starting out or well on your way. It uses your answers to create a customized dashboard with the tools and information most relevant to where you are today. As you proceed toward your goal, the TOEFL Journey Program will send you personalized messages by email or text and will update your dashboard to include the resources you need when you need them. It’s all designed to make your journey to study abroad easier.

On-screen: PlanInstitution Search

Devin: Where can you go with the TOEFL test? Just about anywhere. The TOEFL Search tool can help you find your destination among the 8,000-plus institutions that accept TOEFL scores. The search tool appears throughout the TOEFL Go Anywhere website. A basic search allows you to enter an institution name or a location. Use the advanced search to specify a score, level of study and location to find an institution that is just right for you.

On-screen: Learn

Devin: You’re studying hard to learn English, but to get the best TOEFL score that you can, you’ll also need to learn about the test itself. These free resources include sample questions and tips about taking the test and learning English from teachers, students and the creators of the TOEFL test.

On-screen: Free Sample Questions

Devin: You probably want to know, “What kind of questions are on the test?” ETS offers free sample questions from all four sections — reading, writing, listening and speaking. These are all real questions that appeared on previous TOEFL tests. You can get them in a printable PDF document, or you can download an interactive version that’s more like a real TOEFL test.

[Audio example]: And, to bring order to where it seems to be no order. What is the lecture mainly about?

On-screen: TOEFL iBT® Tips – How to prepare for the TOEFL iBT® Test

Devin: TOEFL IBT Tips is a free guide filled with helpful study tips, overviews of the four test sections and information about how the test is scored. It’s a quick download that you can print out or view on your computer.

On-screen: Study Group Videos

Devin: The Meet the Study Group videos feature four university study group partners. They offer tips on how to do your best on test day and helpful advice for every section of the TOEFL Test.

Speaker 1: My brother is studying for the TOEFL test, always asking me for help.

Speaker 2: I remember those days.

Speaker 3: Those days were not so bad compared to now.

Speaker 2: I know, the TOEFL, one test. Here, one million tests.

On-screen: Tips from teachers

Devin: We also have video tips from teachers, your most important resource for learning English. They know what it takes to prepare for an important test and are happy to share their insights.

Teacher 1: The first thing you have to have is you have to have confidence. You have to have some pizzazz, sort of like a rock star.

Teacher 2: Hi, I’m Jas from Vancouver.


Devin: Watch even more videos on the TOEFL® TV Channel on YouTube at

Teacher 3: Find things that you are really interested in. So, movies, entertainment, if you are a scientist, find a science journal or even a movie about science. Use that to stimulate your brain, and make sure that you are switched on when you’re watching it, and you’ll be surprised the effect it has on your learning.

On-screen: Register

Devin: Of course, to take the test, you need to register. You can register for the TOEFL test online, by phone, by mail or even in person. Make sure that you register early so that your scores are sent in time for your application deadlines. After you register, you will get additional free sample questions, and you can watch a video about testing, so you’ll know what to expect at the testing center. Online registration is an easy three-step process: First, select your test location. Next, create a profile, and then register for the test.

On-screen: Online registration -

Devin: You can find everything you need to know about registering at  When you register for the TOEFL test, you’ll get free access to the TOEFL IBT test sampler. The sampler includes real questions from all four sections of the tests. You can try out interactive Reading and Listening questions and get sample responses to questions in the Writing and Speaking sections.

[Audio Response Example]: In my opinion, it would be in the better interest of a first year student to live in a dormitory.

On-screen: Register

Devin: Do you wonder what it would be like on test day? Watch the TOEFL IBT testing site video for a preview of the check-in process, getting set up at your computer and taking the test. By knowing what to expect, you can feel confident about what will happen even before you arrive.

[Narrator from TOEFL Testing Site video]: Upon arrival, you will be asked to present acceptable and valid ID with your name, signature and photograph.

On-screen: Practice

Devin: The best way to practice for the TOEFL test is to prepare with tools from the experts. Official preparation resources will sharpen your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills for TOEFL test success.

The Official Guide to the TOEFL® Test contains hundreds of pages of valuable information from the people who created the test. It includes in-depth explanations of question types, sample responses, rater comments and much more. It even has two full-length interactive tests. The Official Guide is the most reliable source for all you need to know to succeed on the TOEFL test.

Shahriar [Student from Bangladesh]: If I could advice to the new people who are taking this test, what I’m going to say: Do the Official TOEFL Guide from ETS, and of course the most important thing, watch a whole lot of movies.

On-screen: TOEFL® Practice Online

Devin: TOEFL Practice Online is the closest you can get to taking the actual TOEFL test. It uses authentic TOEFL test questions and provides same day scores and performance feedback on all four sections.

[Male voice – excerpt of Practice Test]: Of all the different types of books there are, what type do you most enjoy? Explain why.

[Simulated female voice]: Begin to prepare your response after the beep.

On-screen: Value Packs

Devin: TOEFL Practice Online gives you the real test experience you need to be confident and prepared. TOEFL Value Packs give you several ways to save money as you prepare for the tests. The Value Packs combine the Official Guide, TOEFL Practice Online and other extras. Choose the Value Pack that’s best for you and save up to 35 percent when you practice for the TOEFL test.

On-screen: TOEFL®

Devin: The people who make the TOEFL test want you to succeed. That's why they created these tools to help you plan, learn, register and practice for the TOEFL test. Remember, you can find these resources and more at Good luck on your study-abroad journey.


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