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On-Screen: [ETS® TOEFL®, The TOEFL® Family of Assessments]

Narrator: Today’s youth are going places.


Narrator: They’re going to new destinations. In their own countries. And abroad.

On-Screen: [Malaysia, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, United States, UK, Singapore, GO ANYWHERE]

Narrator: They’re going for their dreams. To invent solutions.

On-Screen: [GO INVENT]

Narrator: Improve our world.

On-Screen: [GO IMPROVE]

Narrator: Inspire the next generation.

On-Screen: [GO INSPIRE]

Narrator: To become who they want to be.

On-Screen: [GO STUDY]

Narrator: But first, they're going to study.

On-Screen: [GO LEARN]

Narrator: To learn. At English-speaking programs and institutions worldwide. Millions will join them. And they're heading your way. But the power to realize their dreams isn't just up to them. It's up to you. You decide if they have the English skills to succeed at your program or institution.

On-Screen: [ETS®]

Narrator: One organization has the English assessments to help you know.

On-Screen: [ETS® TOEFL®, The TOEFL® Family of Assessments]

Narrator: ETS, maker of the TOEFL Family of Assessments. The TOEFL Family of Assessments features tests that are based upon the rich heritage of the TOEFL test.

On-Screen: [The TOEFL iBT® test: University admissions, The TOEFL® ITP test: University English-language Learning Programs, The TOEFL® Junior™ tests: For students ages 11+, Coming soon: The TOEFL® Primary™ tests: For students ages 8+]

Narrator: Together, these tests are trusted worldwide to assess every stage of English-language learning.

On-Screen: [Middle Schools and High Schools, Colleges and Universities, English-language Programs, International Schools]

Narrator: And the TOEFL Family of Assessments is backed by the research and validity only ETS can deliver.


Narrator: Giving you a powerful tool to help you make the most informed decisions. For your program or institution — and your students.

On-Screen: [Program Placement, Advancement, Admissions]

Narrator: For program placement, advancement or admissions decisions, help your students go farther with the TOEFL Family of Assessments.

On-Screen: [The TOEFL® Family of Assessments,]


On-Screen: [ETS® TOEFL®, ETS® TOEFL® ITP, ETS® TOEFL® Junior™, ETS® TOEFL®: For University Admissions]

Narrator: Better job opportunities. A broader worldview. A richer education. These lifelong benefits have inspired more students to study abroad than ever before.

On-Screen: [4.1 million are studying abroad today]

Narrator: And millions more plan to follow them.

On-Screen: [7 million will study abroad by 2020]

Narrator: With so many candidates to choose from, the TOEFL test is proven valid, reliable and fair for assessing the English skills your students need for success.

On-Screen: [The TOEFL® test: More respected, More accepted, More preferred]

Narrator: More institutions worldwide trust the TOEFL test for identifying those with the best potential.

On-Screen: [27 million test takers worldwide]

Narrator: And more than 27 million people have trusted the TOEFL test to get into their top university choices. That means you have access to the largest, most diverse pool of qualified applicants.

On-Screen: [The TOEFL® test: Student visas, Scholarships, Facilitating professional accreditation, Facilitating decisions on student and work visas]

Narrator: The TOEFL test is used to inform many other important decisions — beyond admissions — by leading organizations around the world.

On-Screen: []

Narrator: Your admissions decisions make a difference to your university — and your students.

On-Screen: [GO with the leader — the TOEFL® test]

Narrator: Make them with the best information available using the TOEFL test.


On-Screen: [ETS® TOEFL®, ETS® TOEFL® ITP, ETS® TOEFL® Junior™, ETS® TOEFL® ITP: For University-level English-language Programs]

Narrator: The most common second language in the world today — is English. In fact, there are 1 billion students learning English at any given time, anywhere.

On-Screen: [1 billion are learning English now]

Narrator: In 10 years, that number is expected to reach 2 billion.

On-Screen: [2 billion will learn English soon]

Narrator: With so many students learning English at the university level, the TOEFL ITP test is one of the world's leading on-site academic testing programs.

On-Screen: [The TOEFL® ITP test: Used by 2,500+ institutions, In 50+ countries]

Narrator: Created to measure core English skills, the TOEFL ITP tests use academic content similar to what is used in actual classroom tasks, making the TOEFL ITP tests an essential tool for a variety of uses — and giving teachers true insight into each student's strengths and weaknesses.

On-Screen: [The TOEFL® ITP test for: Placement and exiting, Progress monitoring, Scholarship programs, Short-term exchange programs, And more]

Narrator: With the TOEFL ITP test, teachers can tailor their teaching, strengthen their students' English skills, and raise the profile of your institution, all by using the global standard in English-language assessment.


Narrator:  For more informed decisions about placement, monitoring, exiting and beyond, put the power of the TOEFL test to work for you with the TOEFL ITP test.

On-Screen:  [, GO BROADER WITH the TOEFL® ITP test]

TOEFL Junior

On-Screen: [ETS® TOEFL®, ETS® TOEFL® ITP, ETS® TOEFL® Junior™: For Students Ages 11+]

Narrator: To prepare for the future, young students around the world are learning English earlier than ever before, hoping to improve their skills and have more opportunities in their lives. With English-language learning a top priority worldwide, TOEFL Junior tests assess if your students have the communicative skills they need to succeed in a classroom that uses English.

On-Screen: [The TOEFL® Junior™ tests: Measure a range of skills, Provide comprehensive score reports]

Narrator: Specifically designed for students ages 11 and up, TOEFL Junior tests give teachers insight into each student's English proficiency.

On-Screen: [Scores are mapped to the Common European Framework of Reference]

Narrator: TOEFL Junior tests provide standardized scores to gauge student achievement against an international standard.

On-Screen: ["Can-do" statements for guidance]

Narrator: And TOEFL Junior tests provide detailed score reports, giving teachers comprehensive performance feedback to tailor their teaching, helping teachers pinpoint where help is needed most to build students' skills, and guide conversations with parents. All to set the right foundation for their English-language journey and help your program exit students ready to reach their full potential.

On-Screen: []

Narrator: The decisions your teachers make for these students will make a difference.

On-Screen: [GO farther with the TOEFL® Junior™ tests]

Narrator: Make them with the TOEFL Junior tests.


Narrator: These are the world-class tests that are the TOEFL Family of Assessments — the world's most accepted English-language admissions test.

On-Screen: [The TOEFL® test]

Narrator: The leading on-site academic English-language testing program.

On-Screen: [The TOEFL® ITP test]

Narrator: The gold standard young learner's English-language test.

On-Screen: [The TOEFL® Junior™ tests]

Narrator: The TOEFL Family of Assessments is created by ETS — the global leader that stands behind every test they make.

On-Screen: [ETS® TOEFL®, The TOEFL® Family of Assessments, 8 million ETS English-language tests a year]

Narrator: And ETS stands behind every institution, too.

On-Screen: [22,000 organizations trust ETS in 150 countries]

Narrator: A partner in advancing English-language learning around the world and providing relevant, useful resources to programs, institutions and teachers.

On-Screen: [Research studies and papers, Security advancements, Teacher workshops, Well-designed learning materials]

Narrator: Supporting institutions like yours with the research and resources you trust. All to help you make the best decisions for the future. Today's students have big dreams. You can make them happen.

On-Screen: [GO FARTHER]

Narrator: And help them go as far as they want. Make sure you're ready with the TOEFL Family of Assessments.

On-Screen: [ETS® TOEFL®, The TOEFL® Family of Assessments, The TOEFL iBT® test, The TOEFL® ITP test, The TOEFL® Junior™ tests,]


Total length of video: 9:38