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October 2011

In this issue of the eNews Update, we highlight the security measures that ETS has in place to protect the integrity of the TOEFL® test.

You'll also learn about two highly regarded assessment tools: the TOEFL® ITP Assessment Series and TOEFL® Junior™ Test. These are used to assess the academic and social proficiency of students at the university level and middle school level, respectively.

In addition, we'll introduce you to the ETS Global TOEFL Team. This group plays a vital role in assisting students and institutions throughout Europe by answering questions, meeting with admissions officers and conducting educational workshops.

Plus, you'll find out about our recent scholarship winners, resources to assist you in making the best decisions for your programme, and upcoming events around the world where representatives from the TOEFL programme team will be in attendance.

We hope you'll find these stories interesting and informative — and we welcome any feedback.


Sandy Bhangal
TOEFL Client Relations Associate Director — U.K.
The TOEFL iBT® Test — Secure Results You Can Trust
Test integrity has become a common topic within the academic community. ETS takes test security very seriously and executes a three-pronged approach that includes prevention, detection and communication to ensure secure and fair testing worldwide. Our protocols represent a wide spectrum of measures, many of which are confidential and cover student verification, surveillance in the test centre, and post-test analysis.
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TOEFL® ITP Assessment Series — Helping Teachers Assess English Skills in the Classroom
Scholarship Test Takers
Make the best decisions for your programme and students with the TOEFL® ITP Assessment Series — a research-based, standardised and global test series. Designed by ETS, the creator of the TOEFL® test, the TOEFL ITP tests are used in universities, English-language institutes and other organisations for student placement, monitoring progress, programme evaluation and more. Find out what the TOEFL ITP tests can do for you.
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Introducing the TOEFL® Junior™ Test
Scholarship Test Takers
The TOEFL® Junior™ test is an assessment that measures the degree to which middle school students for whom English is a foreign language have attained proficiency in the academic and social English-language skills representative of English-medium instructional environments.

English-language proficiency is an increasingly important skill for students worldwide as it provides access to a wide range of educational, personal and professional opportunities. To further student development, it's crucial to have a reliable assessment of their English proficiency progress at a young age.
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Meet our ETS Global TOEFL® Team
The TOEFL® programme continues its support for test takers and institutions worldwide by introducing its European outreach group. The ETS Global TOEFL team's main role is to represent Europe and assist its European Higher Education Area (EHEA) institutions and students.

The group consists of five people from five different countries. They all speak several languages, have teaching, international relations and European affairs backgrounds and have lived, studied and worked in different countries. In other words, they represent Europe in all its diversity and are aware of issues on multilingualism, European affairs and EHEA.
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Scholarships Awarded to TOEFL® Test Takers in Korea
Recently, 15 ETS scholarships valued at US$4,000 each were awarded to students in Korea who plan to pursue a bachelor's degree. The ETS scholarship programme, which was established in 2009, recognises academic excellence in TOEFL test takers. These students were rated based on academic performance, extracurricular activities, essay responses and TOEFL scores.

Volume 6 of the TOEFL iBT® Research Insight Series Now Available
Scholarship Test Takers
Volume 6 of the TOEFL iBT® Research Insight Series, TOEFL® Program History, is now available. This issue gives a brief overview of the history and governance of the TOEFL programme. The evolution of the TOEFL test constructs and contents from 1964 to the present is summarised.
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Guidelines for Using TOEFL® Scores
The TOEFL® programme has created some general guidelines to help institutions use TOEFL scores to help with the admissions process. Some of these recommendations include setting score requirements, section scores, evaluation of readiness, using scores to aid in interpretation of other tests, and conducting validity studies.

TOEFL score requirements should be reviewed on a regular basis and adjustments made as needed. Various fields and levels of study may require different levels of English-language proficiency. You may also want to consider having more flexibility in accepting applicants with lower proficiency if your institution offers programmes with ESL support.
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Visit the TOEFL® Programme Booth at Upcoming Events
TOEFL programme representatives will be attending conferences all over the world. Be sure to stop by our booths, speak to a representative and get information on the latest TOEFL programme developments.
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