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October 2011

Meet our ETS Global TOEFL® Team

The TOEFL® programme continues its support for test takers and institutions worldwide by introducing its European outreach group. The ETS Global TOEFL team's main role is to represent Europe and assist its European Higher Education Area (EHEA) institutions and students.

The group consists of five people from five different countries. They all speak several languages, have teaching, international relations and European affairs backgrounds and have lived, studied and worked in different countries. In other words, they represent Europe in all its diversity and are aware of issues on multilingualism, European affairs and EHEA.

Over the last few years, a lot of things are happening in Europe, including changes in the Higher Education landscape. In particular, more courses are taught entirely in English, and the three-cycle system (bachelor's, master's, doctorate) has been introduced, enabling students to select from a wide range of high-quality courses and benefit from recognition procedures among countries. Moreover, the EHEA system has become more compatible and comparable to other universities worldwide, attracting more and more students and scholars not only from Europe but also from other continents. Slogans like "the internationalisation of the curriculum" have become reality, and fill lecture rooms where scholars, staff members and students across Europe discuss its realisation. In other words, Europe is striving for excellence, and the TOEFL test plays an important role in the continent's international openness by encouraging and facilitating student, teacher and researcher mobility.

The ETS Global TOEFL team is participating in several student fairs and conferences with presentations. The team also is visiting universities and business schools to meet with admissions officers, staff members of international offices and managing directors to provide information about the newest TOEFL developments as well as information on the GRE® tests. Furthermore, they are giving presentations to students and offering Propell® Workshops for English-language teachers. During these workshops instructional techniques and strategies provide knowledge and know-how on using the integrated-skills approach to teaching language and preparing students for success with the TOEFL iBT test. All in all, the ETS Global TOEFL team builds and maintains contacts and functions as an important resource for EHEA developments.


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