ETS TOEFL(r) Advisor Quarterly, November 2011

The goals of the TOEFL® program align well with the goals of advisors — helping students achieve their dreams of studying abroad. This issue of TOEFL® Advisor Quarterly announces exciting new resources and opportunities to help students get to where they want to go — and to help you in your role as advisor and mentor.

You'll read about three different ways the TOEFL program is helping students. First, we're opening new TOEFL iBT® Resource Centers around the world. Also, we're pleased to announce that TOEFL scores are now accepted for Australian student visas and when applying for a U.K. work or student visa. Finally, students are now able to apply for the 2012 TOEFL® Scholarships.

You'll also learn more about the TOEFL® ITP Assessment Series, the world's leading on-site English-language testing program. Plus, you'll learn about the ETS Global TOEFL Team who represent the European TOEFL iBT Resource Centers.

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Eileen Tyson
Executive Director of Global Client Relations, ETS


New TOEFL iBT® Resource Centers Available for Students

ETS has recently opened several TOEFL iBT® Resource Centers around the world. The purpose of these TOEFL iBT Resource Centers is to enhance outreach to TOEFL iBT test takers, as well as keep institutions, advisors, agents, teachers and others informed of the latest TOEFL® program updates. The new centers are located in France, India, Indonesia, Japan, the Middle East, Poland, Taiwan, Turkey and Vietnam. More TOEFL iBT Resource Centers are expected to open in 2012. In this eNewsletter, you'll also learn about the ETS Global TOEFL Team who represent the European TOEFL iBT Resource Centers.

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Timing and Navigation Enhancements to the TOEFL iBT® Reading Section

In response to feedback about the length of the TOEFL iBT® Reading section, ETS has decreased the maximum number of reading passages from five to four beginning November 1, 2011. All TOEFL iBT test takers will have either 60 minutes to complete three reading passages and questions or 80 minutes to complete four reading passages and questions.

In addition, the Reading section will no longer be divided into separately timed parts. Instead, all of the Reading passages and questions will be made available to test takers in a single block of time. This change will allow test takers to pace themselves throughout the entire Reading section. It will also allow them to navigate within the entire Reading section so they can skip questions, go back to review and change responses, or respond to questions they may have skipped. We believe this change allows test takers to better utilize their own test-taking strategies in the Reading section.

Get the Power of the TOEFL® Test in Your Classrooms with TOEFL® ITP Assessment Series

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Make the best decisions for your program and students with the TOEFL® ITP Assessment Series — a research-based, standardized and global test series. Designed by ETS, the creator of the TOEFL® test, TOEFL ITP tests are used in universities, English-language institutes and other organizations for student placement, monitoring progress, program evaluation and more.

Meet our ETS Global TOEFL® Team

The TOEFL® program continues its support for test takers and institutions worldwide by introducing the ETS Global TOEFL team. The ETS Global TOEFL team's main role is to represent Europe as a TOEFL iBT Resource Center and assist higher education institutions and students.

The group is made up of five people from five different countries. Each member speaks several languages, has teaching, international relations and European affairs backgrounds and has lived, studied and worked in different countries. In other words, they represent Europe in all its diversity and are aware of issues on multilingualism, European affairs and higher education.

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The TOEFL® Test Accepted for Australian and U.K. Student Visas

TOEFL® scores are accepted for all Australian student visas, and when applying for a U.K. work or student visa — making the TOEFL test the best choice in English-language assessment. There are more than 4,500 testing centers available for students to take the TOEFL test. Now, students only need to take one test to apply to a university and for a visa, making the TOEFL test even more convenient.

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2012 TOEFL® Scholarships Now Accepting Applications

2012 TOEFL® Scholarships are available in five countries: China, India, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. A TOEFL scholarship can help students study at any of the 8,000+ institutions listed in the TOEFL® Destinations Directory (PDF). The scholarship program is designed to recognize TOEFL test takers for their academic excellence, leadership skills, extracurricular activities and English-communication proficiency.

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Featured Video The Toefl Test Advantage

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The TOEFL® Test Advantage

The TOEFL® Test is the most respected English-language test a person can take. More than 8,000 institutions in 130+ countries around the world accept TOEFL scores. When asked to state a preference, 4 out of 5 admissions officers chose the TOEFL test because it:

does the best job of assessing English-language proficiency

provides more accurate scores — helping admissions officers make better decisions

has the most test sites — 4,500+ locations in more than 165 countries

Watch the TOEFL Test Advantage video to see more reasons admissions officers prefer the TOEFL test.

*Source: Survey of 263 admissions officers at U.S. universities, of which 212 accept both the TOEFL® test and the IELTS® test and 152 state a preference.

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