Benefits to Being a TOEFL® Destination

Being a TOEFL® Destination has many benefits. It gives an institution access to services that are not available to non-TOEFL destinations. These benefits include gaining access to millions of students, score verification, online speech samples, and updates on the TOEFL test programmes and scores.

TOEFL destinations also gain access to millions of students in over 180 countries with the TOEFL advanced search tool. The TOEFL Go Anywhere website now has a function that allows students to search for institutions accepting TOEFL scores using advanced criteria. Students can search by institution name, minimum score, level of study or institution location. This will allow students to easily find universities at their current level of English ability in the location where they want to study. If you are already a TOEFL destination, we encourage you to update your listing with current score requirements and the institution's fields of study by submitting the online form.

ETS has created a score verification service, allowing institutions that have a four-digit TOEFL institutional code to check candidate scores. This complimentary service allows score recipients to go online and verify TOEFL iBT® scores presented by candidates to ensure they match the official scores at ETS.

As a further benefit — and the first of its kind for the industry — the TOEFL iBT Online Speech Sample Service gives TOEFL-designated institutions the power to listen to a candidate's spoken response in English. The service provides institutions with an actual 60-second audio clip taken from one of the four integrated tasks of the Speaking section of the TOEFL iBT test. Speech samples are available for any test taken on or after June 12, 2009, and remain available for two years after the test date.

ETS works very closely with the institutions we serve around the world and informs institutions that have been designated as score recipients when there are changes to the TOEFL programme, new resources become available or when scores have been cancelled.

If you are not a TOEFL Destination, simply contact Sandy Bhangal at or complete the online form to join our network.


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