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The TOEFL® Committee of Examiners (COE) consists of 12 committee members from around the world, each of whom has achieved professional recognition in an academic field related to research, testing or teaching of English as a foreign or second language. Members rotate on a regular basis to ensure the continued introduction of new ideas and philosophies related to second-language teaching and testing. Members provide guidance and oversight for research and development related to the TOEFL test. This role includes identifying and evaluating research and development work needed to support existing assessment products and services. On other matters, such as major test redesign, policy changes and the introduction of new products and services, the COE has the power of recommendation to the TOEFL Board.

The UK is represented by Dr. Norbert Schmitt, Professor of Applied Linguistics, University of Nottingham. Dr. Schmitt started his career as an EFL teacher in Japan, where he became interested in how language learners learned second (or more) languages. Dr. Schmitt’s research interests include second-language vocabulary acquisition, all aspects of lexical study — including vocabulary testing, phraseology and formulaic sequences. He also focuses on corpus-based research, and the interface between vocabulary knowledge and the ability to read and listen in English.

Interested in reading more about TOEFL research? Visit our website http://www.ets.org/toefl/research/.


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