Upcoming Conference Events.

The TOEFL® programme is hosting events at several conferences in Australia in the upcoming months, including the Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET) conference, the Training and Further Education (TAFE) conference, the English Australia Conference (EA) and the Council of International Students Australia (CISA) conference. Stop by the presentations or our booth to learn more about the TOEFL test and how it can help your institution.

ACPET Conference: 30–31 August, Sydney

ACPET has accepted a paper entitled "English language policy changes and institutional promotional opportunities in the new environment" to be delivered at their annual conference on Friday, 31 August in Sydney.

This paper will update private providers on legislative changes to English proficiency requirements and discuss opportunities for extending their recruitment activities to engage in new initiatives being sponsored by the ETS TOEFL programme. These include the new TOEFL® Search Service and other recent marketing initiatives.

TAFE Directors Australia Conference: 6–7 September, Perth

TOEFL staff attendance at this annual conference for state-based VET providers will provide opportunities for TAFE staff to obtain updated information about the TOEFL iBT® test. Our participation in this event will supplement state-based presentations to TAFE providers in most capital cities.

English Australia Conference 20–21 September, Sydney

English Australia has accepted two papers submitted by the ETS TOEFL programme. Phal Vaughter, Assessment Development Specialist at ETS, will present her paper on "Engaging students in academic writing with task-based instruction" on 20 September at 3 p.m. Cynthia Newman, Assessment Development Specialist at ETS, will present her paper on "The slow extinction of the no. 2 pencil: the evolution of technology in standardised ESL assessments" on 21 September at 11:15 a.m.

As a silver sponsor of the conference, the ETS TOEFL programme will also offer information sessions on the TOEFL® ITP and TOEFL® Junior™ tests. Demand for information on TOEFL ITP has increased significantly over the last twelve months as the test expands in overseas markets. The TOEFL Junior test provides a new tool primarily for measuring the English-language proficiency of students ages 11–15 years.

The paper-based test TOEFL Junior Standard test will soon be joined by a four skills computer-based version, the TOEFL Junior Comprehensive test. Schools seeking to offer students an English proficiency test specifically designed for students ages 11–15 should come to this information session, offered by ETS consultant, Cath Moore, an experienced ESL teacher.

CISA Conference: 9–11 July, Brisbane

The ETS TOEFL programme was pleased to sponsor the "Welcome to Delegates" speech at the second CISA conference held in Brisbane in the month of July. Senior international sector members, government representatives and the student ombudsman provided a student-focused update on policy developments across the broad spectrum of student support issues. Helen Cook spoke about the TOEFL programme's recent submission to the International Education Advisory Council in her welcome address and emphasised the importance of language proficiency for students who want to study in Australia.


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