Success at the 2012 EAIE conference

The European Association for International Education (EAIE) Annual conference 2012 brought over 4,300 university representatives to Dublin, Ireland, the land of a thousand welcomes, to explore the theme of 'Rethinking Education and Reshaping Economies'. The conference was a great success with ample opportunity for interactive discussions, sessions, meetings, workshops and networking events. ETS had a booth and delivered four educational panel sessions complimenting the theme of the conference. Also as part of being proud platinum sponsors, every participant at EAIE received a conference bag courtesy of ETS with information about the TOEFL® and GRE® tests and services.

In line with the famous Irish welcome, ETS set the scene by personally welcoming all visitors to Ireland with very effective poster stands in Dublin airport. Many participants that came to the ETS booth mentioned and thanked our team for the ETS airport welcome.

The exhibition booth had two counters where meetings could take place as well as a table and sitting area. There was a computer which the ETS Global team could use to demonstrate links and other information live to interested participants. It was very practical to be able to show live examples and be online in the booth. The booth also had a large plasma screen which displayed key facts about the TOEFL and GRE tests in a way that was both informative and interesting.

The conference was well organized and gave ample opportunity for learning, brainstorming, and interactive discussions in the form of sessions, meetings, workshops, networking events and poster presentations throughout the week. The ETS Global team had a number of meetings with European universities, business schools and other educational institutions about developments in the TOEFL and GRE tests.

"EAIE is always a great conference for both learning and networking. As our years of participation continue, we constantly find new innovative ways to position the value of our TOEFL and GRE tests. This year, our four sessions were especially effective in showing participants the broad outreach of our team as well as our assessment tools and research capabilities," said Maria Victoria Calabrese, Academic & Government Relations Director at ETS Global.

All four sessions received full participation and a lot of interest from the attendees. The sessions covered a broad range of topics showing how the TOEFL and GRE tests and related services can add value to assist student learning outcomes and student soft skills development, as well as admissions processes and staff development on English Language. David G. Payne, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for the Higher Education Division at ETS, presented on assessing student learning outcomes in Europe and the United States.

After a busy week of meetings, sessions, networking events and booth duty, the ETS Global team packed up and headed home to Amsterdam, Berlin and Istanbul. The EAIE Annual conference continues to be the biggest event for ETS outside the United States.


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