TOEFL Young Students Series GO English! Video Transcript

Each day, young students from around the world are learning English as a second language to prepare them for the future.

At ETS, we have developed programs specifically tailored to young students, such as the TOEFL Junior and TOEFL Primary tests, to help students advance to the next level. 

The TOEFL Young Students Series GO English! Project by ETS is designed to inspire students and engage them in practicing English.

In September 2016, we invited students, along with their teachers, to take part in a four-week project.

ETS asked students to communicate, in English, their thoughts on friendships, and why they were important.

Students were excited to tell us about friendships, all while practicing their English-language skills.

The project encouraged students to work together and use their creativity to produce a video, poster, radio or newspaper announcement.

The projects submitted were amazing. And ETS has been inspired with these projects and appreciates the students’ engagement and the teachers’ commitment to English Language Learning.

"We want to show you what is friendship."

"Friendship is protection, tolerance, confidence, and understanding."

"Friendship is…"

"Do fun things together."

"Friendship is love."

"Friendship is being one hand."

"Friendship is someone you can have fun with."

"(Singing) Best friends we are. Best friends we will be."
"We are best friends!"

"Friendship is all of this and so much more. (laughter)"

"Encouraging your friend to stretch as far as possible. This is what friendship means to me."

"Friends are always here to help each other."

"Bye. See you next time."