ETS Services

ETS offers consulting services, technical assistance, custom assessments, in-depth research and other solutions for school districts, institutions, businesses and government agencies throughout the world. Find out more about how ETS can meet your educational needs.

  • K–12 Education: ETS offers an array of tests, products and services including solutions for school improvement, custom and out-of-the-box assessments, professional development, data-driven marketing and instructional tools.
  • Educator Licensure: ETS is the national leader in innovative, educational assessments that offer candidates unparalleled portability. Our assessments can also be customized to meet individual state needs and requirements.
  • Higher Education: For more than 60 years, colleges and universities across the nation — and around the world — have relied on ETS to help inform vital decisions and advance the quality of education with valid, reliable, research-based outcomes assessments, learning tools and student engagement resources.
  • English Language Learning and Assessment: ETS is committed to ensuring quality and equity in education for English learners (ELs) in the United States and around the world. Our research-based English Language Learning (ELL) products and services encourage learning, assess progress and measure proficiency.
  • Global Programs and Services: ETS provides consulting services and custom assessments for educational institutions, government agencies and businesses throughout the world. Special instruction, consultation and technical assistance are offered to education officials through the ETS Global Institute.
  • Research Services: The ETS team of expert researchers is available to provide the content, methods and processes essential for the manufacture of ETS’s diverse portfolio of products and services.

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