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Procedures for Administering the SIR II Survey

Important: As of July 1, 2019, ETS will discontinue the SIR II Instructional Reports.

  • Current SIR II Instructional Report customers must make their final purchase by February 28, 2019.
  • Online surveys must be completed by June 30, 2019.
  • Paper surveys must be received by ETS for processing by June 30, 2019.

Please contact ETS at with any questions.

Refer to the materials listed below as you prepare to administer the SIR II survey.

Online Administration

The SIR II online and e-SIR surveys are administered via the internet, through collaboration with ETS.

Paper-and-Pencil Administration

SIR II paper-and-pencil surveys are administered by faculty during class time. ETS will mail survey questionnaires to your institution. Within 15 business days after receiving your completed questionnaires, ETS will mail your survey reports.

To process completed surveys, complete the SIR II Processing Request Form and fax it to ETS. Please also return a copy of the form with your completed surveys.

Guidelines for Survey Administration

The following guidelines are recommended for administering the SIR II Student Instructional Report and based on research studies of SIR and SIR II survey administrations since 1972.

Instructing Students

  • Students should be instructed to respond fairly and to work independently.
  • They should also be assured that their responses are anonymous.

Timing of Administering the Survey

  • Evaluations should be made during the last week or two of classes.
  • Faculty can increase participation rates if students are required to complete the survey before receiving their final grades.
  • Results should not be given back to instructors until they have graded students in the course.
  • Instructors and others who may have administered the forms should refrain from reading the forms until course grades have been assigned.

Paper-and-Pencil Administration

  • Many institutions have a student helper or another staff member distribute, collect and package the surveys in a sealed envelope.
  • The instructor should be absent during the administration, which takes about 15 minutes of class time.
  • Mailing the forms to students usually results in a poor response rate.

Serving Students with Disabilities

The SIR II survey should be administered following the same accommodation procedures you normally use when testing students with disabilities. Appropriate arrangements are needed to ensure the confidentiality of each student's responses and to promote all students' participation in evaluating instructor performance. You might also recruit an unbiased individual to read the questions aloud and mark down the student's responses or enter the responses on the computer for online versions.

For more information about the SIR II survey, contact an ETS Advisor.