Other ETS Higher Education Products

ETS offers other products that support the assessment and evaluation requirements of higher education institutions. Many SIR II™ survey customers also use the ETS® Proficiency Profile or ETS® Major Field Tests throughout their programs. Take a look at the other products ETS offers and contact an ETS Advisor if you have questions or need help determining what is suitable for your program's needs.

HEIghten™ Outcomes Assessment Suite

NEW! The HEIghten™ Outcomes Assessment Suite is a suite of general education assessments that are customizable to meet an institution’s needs and provide evidence of student learning outcomes. The modular suite of assessments consists of six modules that include Critical Thinking, Written Communication and Quantitative Literacy. Digital Information Literacy, Civic Competency & Engagement, and Intercultural Competency & Diversity will be available soon.

ETS® Major Field Tests

The Major Field Tests are innovative undergraduate and MBA outcomes assessments designed to measure the basic knowledge and understanding achieved by students in a major field of study. Testing is available online and in paper-and-pencil format.

ETS® Proficiency Profile

The ETS® Proficiency Profile is a general education outcomes assessment that measures four core skills — reading, writing, mathematics and critical thinking — in a single exam. Institutions use the assessment results to document performance for self-evaluation, strategic planning, measurement of student achievement and accreditation. Testing is available in nonproctored online and in proctored paper-and-pencil and online formats.

iSkills™ Assessment >

The iSkills™ Assessment helps ensure your students' readiness to succeed by measuring their ability to use critical thinking skills in a digital environment. The iSkills Assessment measures students' Information and Communication Technology (ICT) literacy skills, providing data needed to make enhancements to curriculum.

Criterion® Online Writing Evaluation Service

The Criterion® service is a web-based application that evaluates a student's writing skills and, within seconds, provides diagnostic feedback and a holistic score. Students use the Criterion service to plan, write and revise essays using free online planning templates and writer's handbooks.