About the School Leadership Series

What is the School Leadership Series (SLS)?

The School Leadership Series consists of four assessments:

These tests were developed to provide thorough, fair and carefully validated assessments for states to use as part of the licensure process for principals, superintendents and school leaders.

These tests reflect the most current research on professional judgment and experience of educators across the country. They are based on both national job analysis studies and a set of standards for school leaders identified by the Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium (ISLLC).

Who should take the SLS assessments?

School superintendents, principals and other school leaders seeking licensure in states that require the test.

Which tests should I take?

The test(s) you take depend(s) on your state or licensing agency's requirements to where you are seeking licensure. Each state or agency that uses the SLS tests sets its own requirements for which tests you must take and the associated passing scores.

Before you register for a test, confirm your state or agency's testing requirements.

How are the SLS tests given?

The SLS tests are administered through a network of test centers, which includes Prometric and STN testing centers as well as universities and high schools. Please refer to the Test Center List for a complete list of testing locations.

SLS tests are only given in English. If you are a test taker whose primary language is not English (PLNE), you may be eligible for extended testing time. Test takers with PLNE accommodations may take SLS tests on all test dates at pre-established test centers.

How can I prepare for the tests?

See Prepare for a Test to access free and fee-based test preparation materials. Also use the SLS Information Bulletin, which provides information on registration, test day procedures and score reporting.


SLS State Testing Requirements

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