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About the SuccessNavigator® Assessment

College administrators face daunting challenges in retaining students and ensuring that they graduate. Nationally, only 56 percent of students who start four-year degrees graduate within six years and only 29 percent of those who start two-year degrees graduate within three years.*

We know that success in college takes more than academic skills, and standard admissions and placement tests don't reveal incoming students' strengths and vulnerabilities or whether they are motivated to persevere and succeed. That's why ETS created the SuccessNavigator® assessment.

Influence Student Success: The SuccessNavigator Brochure

Influence Student Success: The SuccessNavigator Brochure

Learn more about how the SuccessNavigator assessment can keep your students on course. To download the brochure, fill out a request form.

Improve your incoming students' retention and graduation rates as early as your next incoming class

Based on extensive research, this 30-minute, nonproctored online assessment helps colleges reach at-risk students and improve first-year retention rates by giving them a holistic view of the critical factors that most greatly influence incoming student success:

  • Academic Skills — behaviors, beliefs and skills that directly facilitate academic success
  • Commitment — commitment to, drive toward and perceived importance of academic success
  • Self-Management — ability to anticipate and respond to pressure and stress related to college life
  • Social Support — availability of resources to support academic success

Test takers also provide demographic and life-event information that you may not already capture.

When used in combination with traditional placement tests, the SuccessNavigator assessment gives you a holistic view of each student that will help you target intervention and remediation efforts and accelerate placement into credit-bearing courses.

See How the Assessment Works for more details on the skills measured.

Customized comprehensive score reports with a detailed action plan

A comprehensive score report and tailored action plan is instantly generated, providing the advisor with easy-to-understand feedback for each student including:

  • Academic Success Index — student's projected GPA range in their first year
  • Retention Success Index — student's probability of returning in the following year
  • Course Acceleration Recommendation — recommendations for Math and English acceleration for students at the upper end of cut score bands
  • General Skill and Subskill Scores — individual scores for the four general skills and 10 subskills
  • Recommended Next Steps — customized to each student's needs with specific action the student should take to ensure they persist to graduation

Student reports are also generated and include General Skill and Subskill Scores with tailored recommendations and next steps, Aggregate reports can be created by advisor, date or cohort to aid in institutional planning and resource allocation.

View a report tour.

Learn more about Scores and Reports.

A cost-effective way to improve retention

For as little as $6 per test, the SuccessNavigator assessment is a cost-effective way for colleges to improve their first-year retention rates and directly reach students whose personal challenges go unreported in standardized academic tests.

The 30-minute, nonproctored online assessment is easy to implement. It can be administered off campus prior to the start of classes or during incoming student orientation, placement testing or first-year experience courses.

To learn more about using the SuccessNavigator assessment to improve retention and completion rates at your institution as early as your next incoming class, call 1-800-745-0269 or contact an ETS Advisor.

* Source: Pathways to Prosperity: Meeting the Challenge of Preparing Young Americans for the 21st Century, Pathways to Prosperity Project, Harvard Graduate School of Education, February 2011.

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