SuccessNavigator® Product Tours

View our compilation of short SuccessNavigator® videos to learn how institutions can improve retention and completion rates as early as their next incoming class.

The SuccessNavigator® Assessment Overview

This eight-minute overview video explains the power of the SuccessNavigator assessment, illustrated by institutions that have implemented it and with testimonials from advisors and students who have benefited from it.

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The SuccessNavigator® Product Demo

This four-minute video provides an overview of how to administer the assessment and a detailed understanding of the instantly generated Advisor and Student Reports that help guide students to graduation.

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The SuccessNavigator® Research Overview

This three-minute video showcases the research behind the assessment and why a holistic understanding, including noncognitive skills, is so important.

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Improve Student Success

See an overview of the SuccessNavigator assessment and how it has helped institutions improve retention and completion rates.

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