Why the SuccessNavigator® Assessment

The SuccessNavigator® assessment gives you a holistic view of the critical factors that most greatly influence incoming student success — academic skills, commitment, self-management and social support — so you can identify at-risk students, deliver detailed action plans and improve first-year retention rates.

This 30-minute self-administered online assessment is EASY to implement and will give you the specific tools you need to:

  • Easily identify and reach at-risk students whose personal challenges go unreported in standardized academic tests.
  • Prioritize your resources more strategically because you have a complete understanding of what students need.
  • Effectively guide students to success using individualized reports with detailed action plans and resources.

For just $6 per assessment, you can improve retention and completion rates as early as your next incoming class. To get started now, call 1-800-745-0269 or contact an ETS Advisor.


Improve Student Success

See an overview of the SuccessNavigator assessment and how it has helped institutions improve retention and completion rates.

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