Why the SuccessNavigator™ Assessment

The SuccessNavigator™ assessment is a cost-effective way to identify at-risk incoming students and intervene early so they have the best chance for success.

Your institution can use the SuccessNavigator assessment to:

  • augment academic advising, career and personal counseling, and other institutional interventions that support student success and retention.
  • identify students at risk of academic failure and provide appropriate support and resources through an early warning system, advisor communication platform or similar structure.
  • guide in decisions on course acceleration within a developmental education sequence to ensure students are properly placed, supported and engaged.
  • support student success by integrated use within modularized instruction as part of a first-year experience program, student success course, introduction to college unit and similarly structured venues.
  • provide actionable data to inform institutional strategic planning for student support programs and staffing needed to advance academic success and retention.

Improve Your Student Retention and Success Rates as Early as Your Next Incoming Class

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