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Why the SuccessNavigator® Assessment

The SuccessNavigator® assessment gives you a holistic view of the critical factors that most greatly influence incoming student success — academic skills, commitment, self-management and social support — so you can identify at-risk students, deliver detailed action plans and improve first-year retention rates.

This 30-minute self-administered online assessment is EASY to implement and will give you the specific tools you need to:

  • Easily identify and reach at-risk students whose personal challenges go unreported in standardized academic tests.
  • Prioritize your resources more strategically because you have a complete understanding of what students need.
  • Effectively guide students to success using individualized reports with detailed action plans and resources.

For just $6 per assessment, you can improve retention and completion rates as early as your next incoming class. To get started now, call 1-800-745-0269 or contact an ETS Advisor.

Request a Test Content Review

Judging the appropriateness of an assessment is an important first step to take when considering its use. We highly recommend that faculty and advisors review the assessment to make sure it meets your needs.

How to Request a Confidential Review Copy

Institutions can obtain a review copy of any of the SuccessNavigator assessment by completing the Confidential Review Copy Request Form.

You will receive an email with a link to the assessment, which can be accessed for 30 days. Like the actual assessment your students will take, the review copy is a timed experience.

Please request as many review copies as necessary — one for each member of your review committee. If your assessment expires before you have completed the review, you can contact an ETS Advisor at 1-800-745-0269, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m. ET.