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How to Order

Before ordering:

Read and understand our Terms of Use. Search for the test. Each record has an "Availability" field that tells you who has the rights to distribute that particular test.

Tests on Demand Through the ETS Store

More than 1,000 tests can be purchased online and are downloadable using AdobeĀ® Acrobat. If the order information field in the test record says "Downloadable," and an e-order field appears in the test record, you may download that test to your computer following the instructions below.

  • To order a test, search the database for the test that you want, click the e-order field, which will take you to the ETS Store, and click "Buy Now."
  • Each downloadable test is available for a $25 distribution fee.
  • After you submit payment information through a secure website and your credit card is approved, you can download the test for immediate access.
  • Please read the Terms of Use document to see how you may use the test in compliance with copyright law.

Tests Available from Publishers

The address of the publisher or author at the time ETS received the test is listed in the "Availability" field of each test record. In many cases the address has changed and you will need to locate the publisher's current address. Take note of the date of the test before contacting the publisher, as many tests are out of print and may not be available.

If you want to do a historical comparison, publishers often give us permission to make one copy of an out-of-print test. Please contact the publisher for permission and have them fax us a copy of the letter granting permission. Fax to the ETS Library at 1-609-683-7186.

Tests Published in Journals or Books

If the test has been published in a journal or book, the source publication will be cited in the "Availability" field. Your college or public library may have that publication in their collection. If not, you may request that your library submit an interlibrary loan from a library that has it in their holdings. ETS cannot distribute it.

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