TOEFL® Board Grants


To recognize and support the development and/or evaluation of significant activities, projects or programs that impact the field of international education or English-language teaching and learning.

Award Value

$5,000 to $15,000 (payable in U.S. dollars only) for each approved grant in a single year.


Acceptance of these funds indicates an agreement to appropriately acknowledge the support of the TOEFL® program at conferences and in publications. Grant recipients are also requested to send a final report in electronic form about the results of this funding to

Proposals are invited from not-for-profit organizations and institutions involved in international education. The committee may select more than one entity per year to receive a TOEFL Board Grant.

Note: Proposals from unaffiliated individuals or for-profit organizations are not eligible.

Once a proposal has been funded, applications for continued funding may be submitted upon documentation of satisfactory results or verifiable progress to date. The documentation must summarize intended goals from prior year funding and realized project goals and must accompany the application form. Continuation of funding limited to two additional years.

The scope of application of these awards is intentionally broad. Examples of activities that have been supported in the past include:

  • developing an accreditation process for English-language programs
  • evaluating study-abroad programs
  • collecting and disseminating information about international education (e.g., guide to overseas educational systems, student demographic information)
  • planning and implementing a test design and development seminar
  • convening a conference on ethics in testing
  • promoting professional development in the areas of standards, curriculum and testing
  • establishing professional networks between U.S. and foreign organizations and institutions engaged in international education

The following items are not supported under this grant program:

  • conference attendance, unless participation is an integral part of a larger professional project as described in the proposal
  • indirect costs, capital investments or equipment purchase

Important Dates

Award proposals and notifications are made twice annually.

  • February 15 — Deadline for submissions
  • April 30 — Award recipients are notified

Application Process

  • A cover sheet including:
    • name of the requesting agency or organization
    • address
    • telephone, fax and email
    • contact person's title, phone, fax and email
    • project title/activity
    • inclusive dates of proposed activity
    • abstract of proposal (no more than 100 words)
    • amount of funds requested and total budget (both in U.S. dollars) of entire project or activity
    • date by which funds are needed
    • date on which the proposal is submitted
  • Full proposal
    • background/rationale
      • need
      • intended audience/those who benefit
    • description of project activities
    • anticipated outcomes
    • timeline of project
    • key persons and qualifications
    • budget
      • total project budget in detailed, line-item format
      • contribution by sponsoring institution, if applicable
      • other sources of funding, if applicable, and contingencies if grant funds are not available
      • estimated out-year budget amounts, if applicable, for proposals that span more than one year
  • A completed application form

The application form is a form-fillable PDF. Save a copy of the form on your computer, fill in the fields and submit electronically to

Evaluation Criteria

Proposals are evaluated according to these criteria:

  • Significance of the project to the field of international education or English-language education
  • Potential for dissemination of results
  • Organizational capacity and commitment to conduct the proposed activity

Where to Send Your Application or Request Further Information

TOEFL Grants and Awards Program
Attn: Terry Axe, MS 50-L
Princeton, NJ 08541 U.S.A.

Electronic applications are encouraged.

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