TOEFL® International Speaker Grant


To support an international speaker at a conference outside of the United States and Canada who will facilitate the dissemination of information on English-language testing, teaching or teacher education.

Award Value

  • Up to $2,500 (payable in U.S. dollars only) to help support the travel, hotel and meal expenses of one or more speakers at a conference outside the United States and Canada
  • Up to three awards may be given each year


Any organization involved in English-language training, teaching or teacher education is eligible to apply for this award. The organization is eligible for funding only once every five years.


The award is granted on the condition that:

  • TOEFL® sponsorship is recognized in published conference materials and conference introductions
  • the speakers who are proposed must deliver both a plenary address and a follow-up discussion or workshop on a relevant topic at the selected conference
  • an abstract of the presentation and speaker contact information must be provided for publication on the TOEFL website
  • a conference report is submitted to ETS following the event

Important Dates

  • February 15 — Deadline for applications
  • April 30 — Award recipients are notified

Application Process

Applicants must submit the following:

  1. A cover sheet including:
    • name of the requesting association, organization or institution
    • address
    • phone, fax and email
    • contact person's title, phone, fax and email
    • conference title (and theme if important)
    • date of conference
    • location of conference
    • date funds are needed
  2. A brief description of the nature and background of the organization (e.g., purposes, functions, membership).
  3. A brief description of the conference (e.g., purpose, anticipated number of attendees, major interests of participants). Provide information on the past two conferences, if possible.
  4. Name(s) of the proposed speaker(s) and the proposed topic or focus of the presentation. A letter of acceptance (contingent on funding) from the proposed speaker(s) would also be helpful.
  5. Up to five potential speakers may be listed.
  6. An explanation of how the speaker(s) would contribute to the conference.
  7. A budget (not to exceed US$2,500) showing how the award funds will be used. Budget items might include travel, hotel, meals, other expenses and honorarium, if applicable.
  8. Conference programs, announcements, or other relevant information, if appropriate.
  9. A completed application form: The application form is a form-fillable PDF. Save a copy of the form on your computer, fill in the fields and submit electronically to

Evaluation Criteria

Recipients are selected based on need and the potential impact of the speaker's presence at the conference.

Where to Send Your Application or Request Further Information

TOEFL Grants and Awards Program
Attn: Terry Axe, MS 50-L
Princeton, NJ 08541 U.S.A.

Electronic applications are encouraged.

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