TOEFL® Library and Resource Center Award


To help libraries or resource centers outside the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom enhance their collections of basic language teaching and testing books and materials.

Award Value

The award consists of:

  • a set of TOEFL® publications
  • a basic collection of books about foreign/second language testing principles and practices, selected by the International Language Testing Association (ILTA) and Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) 
  • a basic collection of books about foreign/second language teaching and teacher education, selected by the TOEFL Grants and Awards Committee

One award may be given each year.


  • Libraries or resource centers outside the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom, either free-standing or within an institution, are eligible
  • Preference is given to institutions within countries having the greatest current need for these resources

Important Dates

Award proposals and notifications are made once annually.

  • February 15 — Deadline for submissions
  • April 30 — Award recipients are notified

Application Process

Applicants must submit the following:

1. A cover sheet including:

  • name of the requesting association, organization or institution
  • address
  • phone, fax and email
  • contact person's title, phone, fax and email

2. A narrative application, not to exceed 10 double-spaced pages, including:

  • an explanation of how the new materials will enhance the library or resource center and increase the services it is able to provide
  • the location of the current collection and its hours of operation
  • a description of the users of the collection
  • an explanation of how the current collection is accessed (for example, books used on site, available for borrowing)

3. A letter from the director of the library or resource center:

  • ensuring that there are adequate space and personnel for the addition of the collection
  • providing information about how the materials will be made available for use by others
  • describing how the materials should be shipped and how they will be received locally

4. Optionally, any relevant flyers, brochures or other informational materials about the library/resource center, its collection, and the institutional teaching and testing programs that it serves.

5. A completed application form. The application form is a form-fillable PDF. Save a copy of the form on your computer, fill in the fields and submit electronically to

Evaluation Criteria

The following evaluation criteria will be used:

  • Demonstrated need for the books and materials to be awarded
  • Their potential for wide and effective use within the library/resource center

Where to Send Your Application or Request Further Information

TOEFL Grants and Awards Program
Attn: Terry Axe, MS 50-L
Princeton, NJ 08541 U.S.A.

Electronic applications are encouraged.

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