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Skill Performance Level
  (0–14) (15–21) (22–30)
Reading Low Intermediate High


Skill Performance Level
  (0–14) (15–21) (22–30)
Listening Low Intermediate High


Skill Performance Level
  (0–9) (10–17) (18–25) (26–30)
Speaking about Familiar Topics Weak Limited Fair Good
Speaking about Campus Situations Weak Limited Fair Good
Speaking about Academic Course Content Weak Limited Fair Good


Skill Performance Level
  (1–16) (17–23) (24–30)
Writing based on Reading and Listening Limited Fair Good
Writing based on Knowledge and Experience Limited Fair Good

Improve Your Reading Skills with Lexile® Measures

You can improve your English reading skills by matching your TOEFL® Reading section score with a Lexile® measure.

ETS and MetaMetrics® offer an easy-to-use, free service that matches your TOEFL Reading section score with a Lexile measure. A Lexile measure puts your reading ability and the text difficulty of reading materials on the same scale to help you find reading materials at your reading level.

Using your Lexile measure takes the guesswork out of selecting reading materials that can help to build your English reading skills. The Lexile site contains a searchable database to help you find books that match your reading level and interests.

To get your Lexile measure or learn more, visit