The TOEFL iBT® Test: Improving Your Speaking Skills

Advice for Speaking
Skill: Speaking about Academic Course Content
Performance Level: Weak
Score Range: 0–9

  1. Take a conversation class. This will improve your fluency and pronunciation in English.
  2. Record yourself speaking in English.
    • Practice reading a short poem aloud. Then record yourself as you read the poem again.
    • Read a simple paragraph and record yourself summarizing it.
  3. Work on your pronunciation.
    • Find a pronunciation partner to work with.
    • Make a list of three or four new English words each day and practice pronouncing the words correctly.
    • Practice using the words by teaching a friend or your pronunciation partner.
  4. Increase your vocabulary and improve your grammar in your speech.
    • Study basic grammar rules so that you speak grammatically correctly.
    • As you learn new words and expressions, practice pronouncing them clearly. Record yourself as you practice.
    • Take risks. Use new words and expressions every day in your speech.
  5. Use books that come with an audio recording or go to Internet sites to help you with listening and speaking.