The TOEFL iBT® Test: Improving Your Writing Skills

Advice for Writing
Skill: Writing based on Reading and Listening
Performance Level: Good
Score Range: 24–30

  1. Practice listening to lectures and conversations in English.
    • Record news and informational programs in English from the television or radio, or download talks or lectures from the Internet.
    • Listen to these programs and take notes on the important points. Summarize the programs in English.
    • Listen to them again to check your notes and summaries for accuracy.
  2. Practice analyzing reading passages in English.
    • Read two articles or chapters on the same topic or issue.
    • Write a summary of each, and then explain the ways they are similar and the ways they are different.
    • Practice combining listening and reading by searching for readings related to talks and lectures you or a friend or a teacher can find.
    • Develop your vocabulary, grammar, reading, listening and writing skills through extensive reading and listening in a variety of increasingly challenging academic areas.
    • Write summaries and comparisons of what you have read.
    • Get feedback from a teacher or friend on your comprehension, language and writing.