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Scoring Services

How to Cancel Your Scores

When you finish taking the test, after viewing your unofficial Reading and Listening scores, you can cancel your scores. Consider carefully before canceling.

  • You cannot cancel your scores for 1 section and have scores for other sections reported.
  • This is your only opportunity to cancel your scores.
  • If you cancel your scores, they will not be reported to you or any institutions.
  • Your test fee will not be refunded.
  • Canceled scores are not added to your permanent record.
  • There is no fee for canceling your scores.

How to Reinstate Your Scores

Canceled scores can be reinstated if your request is received no later than 60 days after your test date. The fee for reinstatement is US$20. You can reinstate your scores through your ETS account, either online or via the TOEFL® official app, or by downloading the request form. Reinstated scores are reported online about 3 weeks after receipt of your request and payment. Your scores will then be provided to you and your designated institutions. Note: This applies only to scores that were canceled by the test taker. Scores canceled by ETS cannot be reinstated.

How to Request a Score Review

You can have the Writing and/or Speaking section of your test reviewed — up to 30 days after you take the test.

  • Your scores can be reviewed only once.
  • If you want both sections reviewed, they must be done at the same time.
  • If the review results in a change in your scores (lower or higher), the revised scores will become your official scores.
  • Your scores cannot be reviewed if you have already requested that they be sent to an institution or agency.
  • Each section costs US$80. Both sections together cost US$160. See TOEFL iBT Fees for payment policies.

To request a score review, log in to your ETS account, either online or via the TOEFL official app, or complete the TOEFL iBT Score Review Request Form.

Scores are reported 1-3 weeks after we receive your request and payment.

How to Download Your PDF Score Report

You can download and print a PDF copy of your Test Taker Score Report from your ETS account, either online or via the TOEFL official app, within 8 days after you take the test.

  • Online: From your Home page, select "View Scores and Score Recipients."
  • Via the app: Select the "Scores" tab at the bottom of your Home page and tap the arrow next to the appropriate test date, then tap "Download Score Report" at the bottom of the screen.

Note: Downloadable PDF score reports are currently not available for tests taken in China.

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