Confidentiality of Scores

Scores reported through TOEFL® score reporting services are governed by an ETS policy requiring that information about an individual be kept confidential and released only with the informed consent of that individual. By requesting these services, the institution agrees to the following:

  • The institution will at all times keep all personal information about an individual, including score data, secure and confidential and will restrict access to such information unless authorized in writing by the individual.
  • To the extent permitted by law, the institution agrees to indemnify and hold harmless ETS, its successors, assigns, trustees, officers, and employees from and against all actions, causes of action, claims and demands, and from all costs, damages and expenses whatsoever (including attorneys' fees), that arise from or are related to (i) any unauthorized disclosure of personal information, including scores or (ii) any use of such personal information, including scores.
TOEFL Institutions

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4 out of 5 Institutions Prefer the TOEFL Test

Among admissions officers surveyed, and who expressed a preference*, four out of five prefer the TOEFL test.

* Source: Survey of 263 admissions officers at U.S. universities, of which 212 accept both the TOEFL test and the IELTS™ test and 152 state a preference.

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