How to Use TOEFL Junior® Scores

A Versatile Solution for English Programs

English programs around the world trust the TOEFL Junior® tests to help them with placement decisions and monitoring progress of their students. Score users include:

  • English-language programs
  • International schools where the language of instruction is English
  • Schools in non-English speaking countries that focus on teaching content through English

Discover the Ways the TOEFL Junior Tests Can Help You

TOEFL Junior scores have multiple uses in English-language classrooms, including:

  • Placing students in English-language programs so they are matched with level-appropriate instruction
  • Monitoring progress over time to gauge learning and proficiency
  • Using "can-do" statements provided on the score report to inform conversations with parents
  • Advising students on appropriate book selections based on MetaMetrics® Lexile® measures to improve their reading proficiency
  • Mapping student achievement to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for international benchmarking

Learn more about the two testing modes: TOEFL Junior Standard and TOEFL Junior Comprehensive.

Start using the TOEFL Junior tests in your program.

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