Scoring and Reporting for the TOEFL® Primary Speaking Test


The TOEFL® Primary Speaking test is scored at ETS by ETS-trained human raters. TOEFL Primary Speaking levels are shown as Ribbons. 

Proficiency descriptors and next steps for learning are provided for each level. The descriptors and next steps are appropriate for typical students at that level but may not apply to all students. Student ability for each level includes the skills from lower levels.

Scores are shown at the bottom of the score report and can help show student progress within a level. The score range is 0–27.

For more information, download Understanding Your TOEFL Primary Speaking Score Report. This document includes tables outlining proficiency descriptors, Ribbon score levels, scale scores and how those scores map to Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) levels.

Score Reports

Each Speaking test score report provides:

    • Information about the student's current level of English proficiency
    • Recommendations about next steps that students should take to improve their English-language abilities
    • A CEFR level

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