About Propell® Teacher Workshops for the TOEIC® Tests

Through the TOEIC® Propell® Teacher Workshops, you will explore different approaches to language teaching and learning that produce effective results in both testing and real-world environments.

Communicative Language Teaching

Research in the field of language teaching and learning emphasizes the importance of providing learners with chances to engage in meaningful communication with others. An effective way to do this is to involve learners in real-life situations and tasks in the target language.

Communicative language teaching focuses on learners' needs and what they want to communicate in the target language to help them:

  • understand and use English in everyday activities
  • carry out routine social interactions
  • develop career-related communication skills

The Role of the Language Teacher

The role of the language teacher in communicative language learning is to engage students with scenarios that require them to draw on their knowledge of all aspects of the target language — its forms and its functions — in order to complete meaningful tasks like those they might encounter in the real world.

To maximize the learning experience, teachers must match learners' needs — their reasons for wanting to communicate in the target language — with applicable classroom activities, such as:

  • reading a job advertisement
  • filling out a job application
  • calling to request repair service for an appliance
  • asking for directions

These simulated real-world tasks chosen by the teacher will better prepare them for the TOEIC tests and workplace-related communication.

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