Propell® Teacher Workshop for the TOEIC® Speaking and Writing Tests

Learn proven classroom strategies and techniques to help motivate your English Language Learners and prepare them for success on the TOEIC® Speaking and Writing tests.

The methods you will learn from the Propell® Teacher Workshop for the TOEIC® Speaking and Writing tests will help your students to develop the language skills they need to communicate effectively at work, in person, in meetings, in videoconferences, on the phone, by email and in business correspondence.

The Propell Teacher Workshop will enable you to:

  • define learning objectives for lesson plans and class activities
  • listen to and read responses from real test takers
  • learn about the basic framework used for scoring TOEIC Speaking and Writing tests
  • master teaching and learning strategies to promote your students’ success on the TOEIC tests
  • explore dynamic classroom activities that will motivate your learners

You will also enjoy these benefits:

  • gain access to complete TOEIC Speaking and Writing official practice tests
  • understand the scoring criteria used for the TOEIC Speaking and Writing tests
  • receive a certificate of workshop completion to add to your teaching credentials

To register for a workshop or obtain more information, contact your local ETS Preferred Network office.