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Get Your Scores

You will receive a score report that lists your Listening, Reading and total scores in a simple, easy-to-understand format.

  • If you took the test through your school or employer, the contact person there will receive your score.
  • If you took the test independently at a TOEIC® public test center, your score will be sent directly to you.

Scores are confidential and released only to ETS and you or your sponsoring organization. With your written permission, public test scores may be given to other organizations.

Additional Score Reports

Contact your local ETS Preferred Network office for copies if you take the test at a public test center.

Score Review

If you feel your scores do not accurately reflect your ability in English, contact your local ETS Preferred Network office within three months of the test date. The office will rescore your answer sheet and give you a second score report. If a discrepancy is found between the first and second scores, the office will pay for the rescoring. If a discrepancy is not found, you may be charged a small fee for rescoring.

TOEIC Test Takers Listening and Reading

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