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How It’s Used

The WorkFORCE® Program for Career Development is used to help individuals understand their natural behavioral tendencies and preferences. Our personality and preferences are key drivers of the behaviors we are most likely to exhibit in a given situation, which in turn are key predictors of workplace success. Used in conjunction with its companion training curriculum, the WorkFORCE Program for Career Development:

  • allows you to easily identify key development areas needed for workplace success
  • helps you efficiently design training programs customized to the development needs of your employees and job seekers

Ask the right questions

The WorkFORCE Program for Career Development assessment measures a test taker's natural tendencies within a workplace setting and asks key developmental questions such as:

  • Does my personality align with the type of career that I’m interested in?
  • What skills do I need to develop in order to go into various types of careers?
  • Are there other careers I might be interested in that will allow me to leverage my natural strengths and preferences?

Customize employee development

The WorkFORCE Program for Career Development training curriculum provides test takers with additional insight and awareness into their behaviors and tendencies that are predictive of workplace success. It uses a variety of engaging multimedia content and activities featuring relevant real-world content. Participants can be instructed to take all modules or only the modules that apply to their developmental needs.

Interested in the WorkFORCE Program for Career Development?

Contact us for information on how to get started with WorkFORCE assessment solutions that help you identify and develop the best talent.

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