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Benefits of the WorkFORCE® Assessment for Cognitive Ability

The WorkFORCE® Assessment for Cognitive Ability offers significant advantages compared to similar assessments.

  • Efficient and accurate
    The assessment has a branching test design that adapts to the abilities of each candidate, which means it requires fewer questions to reach higher precision than nonadaptive tests. Real-world tasks and open-ended questions are automatically scored by computer.
  • Fair and valid
    Item content and format are identical to the types used in large-scale U.S. Department of Education and international assessments, and are designed to meet ETS's high standards for quality and fairness.
  • Supports comparison across test takers
    A consistent scoring system and objective, easy-to-understand score reports allow you to compare scores across all candidates, better informing your screening decisions.
  • Easy to administer
    The assessment is delivered 100 percent online and is compatible with most devices.

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