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Frequently Asked Questions About the WorkFORCE® Assessment for Job Fit


How long is the WorkFORCE® Assessment for Job Fit?

The assessment typically takes approximately 20 minutes to complete online. However, test takers will have 60 minutes to finish the test.

How did you determine which skills predict workplace success?

The assessment is based on the five-factor model of personality traits, and five broad factors including:

  • conscientiousness
  • agreeableness
  • extraversion
  • emotional stability
  • openness to experience

There is strong theoretical and empirical support for their importance in predicting workplace outcomes, including a series of analyses summarized by Drasgow et al. (2012). There are 21 lower-order attributes, 13–15 of which work well for most business and organizational applications.

Can people fake their answers to be more appealing to employers?

No. With forced-choice methods, respondents select between two equally desirable statements, making responses less subject to bias. This innovative forced-choice format reduces faking of responses or a natural tendency for people to inflate their response in socially desirable ways. For more information, see How It Works.

What if people are uncomfortable with the forced-choice format?

Test takers might be uncomfortable when faced with a question with two choices that feel like neither option accurately describes them. However, it's important to remember that they're not actually admitting to either of these behaviors. They're simply picking the one that is more like them or conversely not picking the one that's least like them. As they continue choosing from each pair of answers, the algorithm behind the assessment zeroes in on their true personality and behavioral traits, so no one answer will determine their score.

How does your behavioral assessment differ from other assessments?

Our assessment is easy to administer and is powered by the ETS FACETS engine, so that each response determines the next question, making the length of the assessment shorter. This innovative forced-choice format is more resistant to faking than a single-statement format. Thus, it gives you a more complete and objective picture of your candidates. It can also be customized by job types and by country, enabling you to more effectively screen candidates for a particular position.

How easily can this assessment be incorporated into my current process?

The streamlined test administration fits seamlessly into your current recruiting and talent selection process. Since the assessment is web-based and administered via ETS’s robust online delivery system, there is no software to download or hardware to install.

How much does your assessment cost?

Since our solutions are specific to each customer’s unique challenges, pricing can vary. Please contact us or your local ETS Preferred Network Office to discuss a solution that will best fit your needs.

I’m interested in your assessment. Who can I contact for more information?

Please contact us or your local ETS Preferred Network Office, and we would be happy to discuss a solution that will best fit your needs.

Can the assessment be customized?

Yes. The assessment can be customized based on your job and industry criteria for more accurate predictions.

In what languages is the assessment available?

The assessment is available in multiple languages. Please contact us or your local ETS Preferred Network Office to discuss your language needs.

Test Takers

How long is the assessment?

The assessment typically takes approximately 20 minutes to complete online, but you are given one hour to complete the test.

How do I take the assessment?

The assessment can be taken on a PC, Mac® or handheld device such as a tablet or smartphone. It can be taken any time of the day within the test expiration window provided in your registration confirmation email. You may also take the assessment from a location of your choice, whether it is your home, office, library or another area with an internet connection. The assessment is also compatible with all major screen-reading software for users who are visually impaired. Please confirm any internet accessibility questions with your test administrator, as this can vary in some countries.

Do I need to install any special software?

No. Because the WorkFORCE Assessment for Job Fit is delivered on ETS’s robust web-based delivery system, you are not required to download or install any additional software, plug-ins or hardware. The platform supports all the major browsers and operating systems, including PCs, Mac and many handheld devices.

What will my score be used for?

Organizations use the WorkFORCE Assessment for Job Fit as part of their recruiting process to help identify candidates who are most likely to succeed in the organization. Scoring algorithms are built based on the job fit scores and job performance of successfully employed individuals in jobs similar to the one for which you are applying.

Will I get my scores after the test?

No. Scores are provided only to the organization administering the test to help them determine your relative fit within the organization.

What if I find it difficult to choose one of the two forced-choice statements that is more like me?

The forced-choice format presents a pair of statements that refer to how you might typically think, feel and act. However, you may feel you cannot relate to either of the pair of statements presented to you on the screen. Read each of the two statements carefully and decide the extent to which it may describe you. Then, choose the statement that is more like you. Neither statement may be completely accurate, but please select the one that is closer to how you think, feel or behave. As you continue choosing from each pair of answers, the algorithm behind the assessment zeroes in on your true personality and behavioral traits, so no one answer will determine your score.

Can I prepare for the assessment?

No. The only preparation we recommend is ensuring that your computer hardware meets the technical specifications required to complete the test, which can be found in the Examinee Handbook that you will receive in your registration confirmation email.

Can I retest?

No. Once you are issued a Registration ID and Access Code, you may only take the test once using that test code. See your test administrator for additional questions.

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