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ETS® WorkFORCE® Assessments: Innovative Test Design


Video duration: 1:24

On-screen: [ETS® WorkFORCE® Assessments]

Speaker: The ETS WorkFORCE Assessments measures skills that predict success in the workplace, using an advanced question format known as forced-choice. Research shows that the forced-choice methodology is more effective than other testing formats in predicting how well someone will succeed in a position.

On-screen: [I get along well with others. I always arrive to meetings on time.]

Here's how it works. Test takers are presented with two statements, and must choose the option that is more like him or her.

On-screen: [I find it difficult to create new things. Others think I have low self-esteem.]

They may feel that neither option accurately describes them. Feeling forced to choose something that doesn't seem like it applies to you can be uncomfortable.

On-screen: [I get confused easily by tasks that require a lot of thinking. I have never really wanted to be a leader.]

Test-takers should choose the one they feel is most like them, which can also mean choosing the one they feel less negative about. As they continue choosing from each pair of answers, the algorithm behind the assessment zeroes in on their true personality and behavioral traits.

On-screen: [I usually struggle to solve complex problems. I usually don't start conversations with others.] 

Because neither choice is obviously right, test takers can't choose the answer they think is more acceptable, or the one they think will get them a better score. That means forced-choice tests are more fake-resistant, giving you a more complete and objective picture of your candidates and employees, so you can have confidence that you're hiring the best fit for the job, and that you can give your people the right development opportunities they need to succeed. Visit to learn more.

On-screen: [ETS WorkFORCE Assessments.]

End of: ETS WorkFORCE Assessments Video.