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Our Subsidiaries

EdAgree, Inc.

With a mission to provide greater access and equity in education, EdAgree, Inc. partners with universities to have a positive impact on learning and experiential outcomes for international students. EdAgree offers a free platform and services to help students identify universities that will push them toward longer term success. Contact EdAgree.


Edusoft Ltd. is a global leader in technology-based, comprehensive English Language Learning solutions and serves a range of education, government and corporate sectors worldwide with its flagship product, English Discoveries. With 25 years of expertise, Edusoft is a pioneer in delivering comprehensive blended and distance learning solutions based on the latest interactive technology and field-proven pedagogical approaches. Edusoft's English-language solutions are recognized by numerous Ministries of Education and thousands of leading educational institutions around the world. Contact Edusoft.

ETS Canada

ETS Canada supports the ETS mission and ETS tests by providing ongoing research, development and innovation through psychometricians and experts in artificial intelligence and natural language processing. These efforts aim to continuously improve, promote and drive current and new assessments into the future to meet the needs of Canadians. Contact ETS Canada.

ETS Global B.V.

ETS Global B.V. brings expertise to educational and business communities around the world, including companies, language schools, academic institutions and public service organizations. The company serves 80 countries across Europe, South America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. They offer a range of ETS products, services and learning solutions, including English-language assessments, standardized assessments, training and consulting. Contact ETS Global B.V.


Questar® Assessment Inc. is a K–12 assessment solutions provider focused on building a bridge between learning and accountability. It shares a belief with ETS that better measurement solutions can make a positive impact on education. Its approach to meaningful assessment, its technical innovations for scalable and reliable online testing performance, and its commitment to empowering educators with insights to improve instruction exemplify what it means to be a dedicated assessment partner. Contact Questar.