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Instructional Products and Services

Parents, policymakers and employers are demanding greater accountability from schools and the highest level of professionalism from teachers. ETS helps educators meet these demands by providing a comprehensive suite of professional development products and services that assess and advance good teaching and school leadership.

Teacher Licensure Programs

ETS offers teacher licensure programs to most states. These include the Praxis® assessments and the School Leadership Series.

Classroom Support

Schools are increasingly using formative, or classroom, assessments to support instruction. Unlike summative, or end-of-course, assessments, classroom tests help teachers identify individual students' strengths and weaknesses and adjust their practice accordingly.

With ETS's Criterion® Online Writing Evaluation Service, students work independently to develop their writing skills and receive instant holistic scores and diagnostic feedback on their writing.

English Language Learning and Assessment

Our English Language Learning and Assessment program provides research-based products and services that support nonnative speakers of English by encouraging learning, assessing progress and measuring proficiency.

These include:

Through the work of our Center for Global Assessment and ETS Global Programs and Services, we are expanding our support of English learners (ELs) worldwide.

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NAEP and ETSETS has assisted the NAEP program in introducing numerous psychometric and assessment design innovations over the years.

How ETS Develops Test Questions

How ETS Develops Test Questions

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