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Test Scoring

State of the Art Test Scoring

ETS has the capacity to score approximately 64,000 tests per day. Each year, we deliver millions of score reports to examinees and institutions, in numerous formats and using a variety of means.

The process of scoring educational assessments involves more than simply tallying up right and wrong answers. It includes ensuring that tests:

  • accurately measure what they are intended to measure
  • generate consistent results across different versions and among different groups of test takers
  • are fair to all test takers

Scoring Performance Assessments

ETS offers both the traditional paper-and-pencil method of scoring constructed responses and our own proprietary Online Scoring Network, which enables scorers to train and read constructed responses in their own homes and offices.

The Online Scoring Network illustrates ETS's ability to wed technological and assessment expertise to better serve the needs of our clients.

The security and quality control of online scorings are as stringent as that of traditional on-site scoring sessions. The Online Scoring Network delivers test results that are:

  • fast
  • secure
  • cost-effective

Constructed-response Guidelines

ETS staff follow a rigorous set of guidelines in the design and scoring of constructed-response and other performance assessments. Since 1987, when these guidelines were first published, the number and variety of ETS performance assessments have continued to expand, due in part to ongoing cognitive research, changes in instruction, new assessment models and technological developments that affect how performance assessments are administered and scored. This document provides a guide for creating and scoring such modern assessments.

Because our tests are reliable and valid, those who take, use and rely on our assessments can do so with confidence. For more information on test scoring, including discussions of test reliability, validity and fairness, visit our Research pages.

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NAEP and ETSETS has assisted the NAEP program in introducing numerous psychometric and assessment design innovations over the years.

How ETS Develops Test Questions

How ETS Develops Test Questions

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