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Believing in the life-changing power of learning for more than 75 years.


Who We Are

We believe that through learning, people have the opportunity to make a difference in their lives and in the world — and that research, assessment and measurement have valuable roles in helping everyone chart their unique paths to new possibilities.

It was this very notion that brought members of the American Council on Education, the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and the College Entrance Examination Board together to form ETS in 1947. They felt that an independent, nonprofit organization devoted to educational research and assessment could expand opportunities for learners of all income and social status levels through more informed, objective methods for evaluation.

The commitment to fairness that inspired our creation lives on today through our mission to advance quality and equity in education worldwide. Our mission informs the core values of equity and opportunity, quality, integrity and social responsibility that are the basis of our decisions and behavior — and it is brought to life every day by the dedicated work of our employees.

By the research scientists who ensure our tests are fair, valid and reliable, and never stop pursuing better ways to help individuals learn, develop and measure skills to be successful in education and beyond.

By the policy specialists who work tirelessly to encourage progress and meaningful change in education.

By the business and operations staff who ensure that our customers and clients have access to the high-quality tools and services they need to achieve their goals.

And by the relationships we build with both like-minded organizations and pioneers in education technology, deepening our capabilities in service of our shared goals.

Since our founding, we have been on a journey with students, educators, partner organizations and others within the learning ecosystem to create a world where all people can discover what’s possible through education. Now more than ever, we are proud that our research, products and services provide measurement data and innovation that help individuals to see and take the next step forward in their education or career — just as we have for the last 70+ years.

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