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Our Heritage

The story of ETS begins 70 years ago and lives on today through our mission.

In 1947, three organizations — the American Council on Education, the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, and the College Entrance Examination Board — contributed testing programs, assets and key employees to form ETS. These founders believed that an independent, nonprofit organization devoted to educational research and assessment could make fundamental contributions to the progress of education by enabling opportunity for all learners, regardless of income or social status.

ETS and our portfolio have evolved over time as education policies and the needs of learners and our many stakeholders have changed, but our founders' beliefs are still core to who we are today. ETS strives to enable opportunity by:

  • raising awareness of educational issues
  • developing assessments that are valid and fair
  • conducting research that drives innovation and informs education policy

In our global community of changing educational needs, ETS's commitment to learning, to maintaining the highest quality standards, and to equity and fairness will never waver. While pursuing our mission, we resolve to anticipate evolving market needs and provide meaningful information to partners in education and learners of every kind. We believe that, together, we can help learners everywhere reach their fullest potential. And they, in turn, can transform the world.

Our Core Values

Our heritage informs our values, which guide how we engage with and meet our commitments to our colleagues, the clients, institutions and learners we serve, and the public at large. Our values are social responsibility, equity, opportunity and quality. We practice these values by listening to educators, parents and critics. We learn what students and the institutions they attend need. We lead in the development of products and services to help teachers teach, students learn and parents measure the intellectual progress of their children.

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Opportunity for All Learners

ETS's founders believed in enabling opportunity for all learners, and that belief is evident throughout our work today. Learn about The ETS Opportunity Project, our work on reducing achievement gaps and our commitment to fairness.

70 Years of Research

Did you know you can access more than 9,800 publications authored by ETS researchers through our ETS ReSEARCHER database? These publications date back to 1948. 
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