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Biometric Learner Verification (BLV)

Biometric Learner Verification (BLV)

Protect Against Unauthorized Access with the Power of Voice Biometrics

The ETS Biometric Learner Verification (BLV) allows you to quickly voice verify the identities of your users via phone, computer or any other voice medium based on millions of comparisons on a daily basis. Built on patented Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and extensive voice biometrics research, BLV is currently used to validate the identity of test takers of the TOEFL® test — widely regarded as one of the most secure English-language assessments in the world.

How Can BLV Help You?

Get secure, confidential, precise results you can trust

Get secure, confidential, precise results you can trust.

Our deep learning techniques help improve speaker recognition performance by confirming a speaker’s identity with less than a 2 percent error rate.

Reliably screen a diverse group of users

Reliably screen a diverse group of users.

BLV is language-, proficiency- and text-independent, enabling you to ask speakers to say whatever you require and authenticate users with a diversity of backgrounds, native languages and dialects.

Quickly verify your user’s identity

Quickly verify your user’s identity.

The highly scalable BLV is powered by AI to quickly and easily validate the identity of users by their voices via phone or computer.


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