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c-rater Automated Scoring and Feedback Engine

c-rater™ Engine

Quickly and Efficiently Score Content

The c-rater engine provides a robust solution to scoring and feedback that uses machine learning to evaluate the content of a response, even if it contains grammatical or style errors. Backed by National Science Foundation-funded research and years of psychometric expertise, the engine provides a robust solution to scoring that looks beyond keyword matching to assess content.

The c-rater engine automatically scores responses while maintaining consistency across test takers with all the reliability of human scoring, allowing teachers to focus less on grading and more on doing what they do best — teaching and mentoring students.

How Can the c-rater Engine Help You?

Know what concepts are being expressed

Know what concepts are being expressed.

The c-rater engine identifies the content of an open-ended response even when the grammatical expression is poor.

Save time and money

Save time and money.

The c-rater engine can reduce the time and cost of scoring and speeds up your turnaround times by automatically scoring responses. Based on the latest machine learning algorithms, the application learns quickly and can then provide instant scores, with far reduced human oversight or intervention.

Have confidence in your scores

Have confidence in your scores.

The c-rater engine uses machine learning techniques to maintain consistency across test takers and is built on years of extensive ETS research in natural language processing, machine learning and psychometrics.


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