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e-rater® Automated Scoring and Feedback Engine

e-rater® Automated Scoring and Feedback Engine

Automatically Assess and Nurture Key Writing Skills

Using the cutting-edge technology behind practice tests such as TOEFL® Practice Online, the GRE® Program ScoreItNow! Online Writing Practice and the Criterion® Online Writing Evaluation Service, the e-rater® engine automatically assesses writing quality and offers feedback based on natural language processing (NLP) research specifically tailored to the analysis of student responses.

How Can the e-rater Engine Help You?

Give your students valuable feedback

Give your students valuable feedback.

The e-rater engine provides automated constructive feedback on things like grammar, usage, mechanics, style, and organization and development to help students develop their writing skills independently.

Speed up your writing assessment process

Speed up your writing assessment process.

The automated essay writing quality assessment gives you a fast, holistic score as well as real-time constructive feedback, so you can save valuable time and resources.

Tailor scoring models to your writing evaluation system

Tailor scoring models to your writing evaluation system.

With customizable writing prompts, scoring models ranging from grade 4 to adult learners, and feedback features that can be used for a wide range of white label applications, the e-rater engine integrates seamlessly with existing programs and platforms.

Get scores you can trust

Get scores you can trust.

ETS has been at the forefront of automated scoring research and deploying the e-rater engine in high-stakes testing situations for over two decades — so you can be confident in the results.

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