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Spoken Dialogue System (SDS)

Spoken Dialogue System (SDS)

Drive Language Learning Skills with the Power of Spoken Dialogue

The ETS Spoken Dialogue System (SDS) enables users to have a natural conversation with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) agent and receive real-time feedback about their speaking performance. The capability is currently used in the official TOEFL® test preparation Massive Open Online Course on edX® and allows students to practice the skills they need for the industry leading test of English as a foreign language — anytime, anywhere.

Conversational applications that leverage this innovative, cloud-based dialogue system can be accessed on multiple devices, making it easy for learners to practice meaningful exchanges as often as they want. Developed as a result of extensive research on spoken and multimodal language processing, linguistics and machine learning, the system offers reliable, trustworthy results.

How Can SDS Help You?

Enable natural conversations

Enable natural conversations.

SDS allows users to practice their language skills with a virtual conversational agent that adjusts to the conversation in real time, analyzing verbal and visual cues, and providing feedback about multiple aspects of the conversation. This feedback includes, but is not limited to, task completion, pragmatics and other aspects of speaking proficiency, such as delivery, language use and rhythm.

Give your learners the ability to practice anytime, anywhere

Give your learners the ability to practice anytime, anywhere.

The cloud-based SDS platform is easily accessible from most devices and computers, enabling learners to practice speaking English as often as they want from home, work or school.

Accommodate large numbers of users at one time, in real time

Accommodate large numbers of users at one time, in real time.

Our fast and scalable real-time system is available when someone is ready to use it and can quickly and efficiently analyze the speaking skills of many users at a time.


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