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Spoken Dialogue System



Video duration: 1:10

Spoken Dialogue System

On-screen: [ETS Ai Portfolio. Upgrade Your Educational Technology: Spoken Dialogue System]

Voiceover: ETS Accelerate gives you access to research-based technology, years of industry expertise, fairness and validity in our products.

With an Accelerate partnership you’ll gain access to powerful capabilities, such as our Ai Portfolio, that are delivering next generation innovations for assessment and learning.

ETS Spoken Dialogue System is a core technology in the portfolio.

The platform enables users to have AI-aided, naturalistic conversations, using technology that adjusts to verbal and visual cues.

With a cloud-based platform, practice is possible anytime, anywhere.

Simply select a task.

On-screen: [“Practice Speaking in Conversations” screen, with options of coffee shop, group project, or job interview.]

Read the directions on the screen. Then interact, getting immediate feedback on the conversation.

On-screen: [Screenshot of a coffee shop activity that prompts to order items from a menu. Speech is indicated, followed by notification that the user has been successful.]

With the Dialogue System, users get immediate feedback about their speaking performance, which makes it easy for English language learners to practice meaningful exchanges at home, work and school.

Contact us to learn more about the Ai Portfolio today.

On-screen: [ETS® Ai Portfolio.]

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